I hereby commit to doing one small act of kindness for the next 365 days.

I keep waiting to find something big I can do for mankind, do it with passion and really make a difference—the kind of stories you hear about on TV or read in books.

But as years go by, I’m still waiting. So I thought, why not just start by concentrating on one small act of kindness every day for a year? If I blog about it, maybe others will share what they are doing as well. Each small act will help make “a nicer world.”

june 11.2012



  1. Elle, this is amazing. Following – your small acts of kindness makes me think about how I can do the same too.

    • Thanks! I appreciate that a lot. I was excited to find your “blinksofbliss.” I have them all the time and am inspired by yours.

  2. What a great concept! I look forward to following your journey and being inspired along the way!

    • Thanks a lot and likewise I am inspired by yours!

  3. Great idea! The big stuff gets the glory but the consistency of the little stuff probably makes more of a difference in the long run.

    • Thank you for your encouragement. I enjoy reading your blog—very thought provoking and well written.

  4. Elle, a kindred spirit! What a wonderful idea. All these little acts can add up to big change — why is it so easy for me to sometimes lose sight of that? Thanks for blogging….I’m another who has been inspired and will be following!

    • Kindred spirits indeed! Thanks for following. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  5. Hey … thank you so much for visiting me and interacting … acts of kindness, gratitude, blissful moments …. isn’t it wonderful the synchronicity around … awareness of others and gratitude for all. The Dalai Lama very famously said,”my religion is kindness”. How wonderful would it be if everyone embraced this. I look forward to following your journey …. I’m a “few” days ahead!!

  6. What a great idea!!

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