Posted by: elle | July 27, 2012

Day 47

My 365 day commitment—a small act of kindness:
Thanks to the brilliant suggestion of Lesley Carter of Bucket List Publications, I started a “Friends” tab in my menu and listed links to all the blogs I follow to help boost their sites. Of course this helps me too if they reciprocate, so I hope this qualifies as a kind act. 🙂 Find Lesley’s article on The Importance of Social Media here: Bucket List Publications.



  1. If you didn’t intend to write ‘Fiends’ instead of ‘Friends’ in your description, it inadvertently was a great way to show how small things can make a big difference! 🙂 When I first read ‘fiends’, I thought: “No way! Who would be against your wonderful blog?!” Then I saw the tab above. LOL

    • Oh Susan! Now I’m the one laughing. Thanks for your keen eye and wit!

  2. 365 Acts of Kindness is a wonderful commitment! WOW! How sweet!

    • Thanks Courtney for stopping by. Your photography is inspiring. I wish you great success.

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