Posted by: elle | July 29, 2012

Day 49 – week 7 complete

Thank you all for supporting my efforts. Yesterday I had the most views ever and it happened to be my birthday. Thanks for my birthday present. 🙂

My 365 day commitment—a small act of kindness:
My husband gave me a beautiful birthday card that said all the things I would say to him in return. To show my appreciation, I decided to cook his favorite breakfast this morning—fried potatoes flavored with onions, scrambled eggs topped with grated cheese, biscuits smothered in my mother’s homemade plum jelly, and fresh blueberries and sliced peaches.



  1. Happy birthday! Love your blog. Just wanted you to know I’ve nominated it for the Kreative Blogger award.

  2. Thank you Julie! And I’m so flattered by your nomination. Thank you.

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